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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> right now at six tough questions after a water ice shop security door crashes down and kills a little girl. >> the whole neighborhood is in shock. >> could this have been preven prevented? plus a delaware daycare center. a stabbing and 72-pounds of stolen chicken. the bizarre chain of events police say landed this man behind bars. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> tonight the search is now suspended for boy missing off the jersey shore. the 14 year old was swimming with group near ocean city yesterday when he disappeared. good evening, i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page. the coast guard says the boy was probably swept away by a rip current. let's get you straight out to fox 29's bruce gordon. he's live in ocean city tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, the search was officially suspended around 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. some 21 hours after that 14 year old boy his name has still not been released went into the water off this the ninth street
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beach. a beach that was at the time closed to the public. and off limits to swimmers. 5:00 p.m. monday, ocean city lifeguards call 8-day and call swimmers in from the owing. it is too dangerous to be in the water without protection. this same seen played out sunday at 5:00 their. with a tragically different out come. >> when the lifeguards left they said, this beach is closed, you cannot swim here, there's high currents, there's this, it is not safe to swim after we leave. >> reporter: they warned you and you were there. >> they warned us. >> reporter: authorities say as many as 15 people went into the water around sick 45:00 p.m. and were quickly overcome by rip currents. a beach patrol response team rescued 14 of them but a 14 year old boy disappeared. at dawn monday, the coast guard joined state and local searchers to cover a more than 20 square mile stretch of water from ocean city south. by 4:00 p.m., the search was suspended. >> at this point you don't believe anyone can survive after
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being in the water from 7:00 o'clock or so sunday night. it's not likely much it's not likely. >> reporter: water temperatures simply too cold. not that it's too cold. your core temperatures starts to drop after awhile and you start going into shock and things like that and that makes it virtually impossible to survive after that. >> reporter: search played out in front of vacationers packing the beach on sun splashed day. parents were watching the water conditions extra closely. >> cold and the waves are actually pretty strong. cold and the waves are strong. >> reporter: little dicey out there? >> a little bit. keep a close eye on them. >> reporter: most had heard of the tragedy which tempered their own attraction this summertime mecca. >> you have to respect the ocean. respect the water. nothing to be tried with that's for sure. >> reporter: the active essential has again been suspended but obviously recovery crews will go back out into the water if anything or if you none were seen. this beach here has been closed since 5:00 o'clock that is to say the lifeguards have gone home for the day. yet amazingly we see several
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folks out there in the water at this hour. they should not be it there. less than a day after this terrible tragedy, some lessons simply have not yet been learn. iain. >> bruce, tragic. thank you very much. sky fox over the scene of this accident involving two vehicles in northeast philadelphia. officials are telling us a car and a motorcycle crashed at ryan avenue and the boulevard. it happened within the hour. the motorcyclist is headed to the hospital. there was no word on any other injuries. the vehicles have been moved to the median. >> happening right now a cleanup that could take several days. a massive fuel leak in gloucester county has crews sopping up oil. skyfox over that scene near hybrid lane this afternoon. officials tell fox 29 an employee of the refinery service company took home a vacuum truck to clean his pool. what did he do afterwards? they say he then dumped more than 1,000 gallons of oil in the storm drain. officials say estimate much of that has now leaked into spring lake. a strange case in wilmingt
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wilmington, delaware torque night. this man is accused of hatching a plan to steal frozen chickens and then stash them at a daycare and it didn't end there. police say he stabbed the son of a daycare worker who tried to stop him. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live outside the daycare with the story. sabina? >> reporter: iain, tonight police can only speculate regarding a possible mow tough hyped this very very odd chicken theft. it led to the serious assault of a son of the woman who owns the daycare behind me. now, cops say 49 year old ronald johnson of wilmington stole 72 pounds of frozen whole chickens from a delivery truck that was making a stop at a local grocery store. authorities say johnson stash the chickens by the entrance to little futures academy daycare which sits just behind the store. workers noticed what he was doing, they called police and confronted johnson. he ran off but then he came back for the chickens. that's when the daycare own are in's son followed the suspect while his mom alerted police. johnson allegedly stabbed the man with a steak 95 once in the
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back and on the hand. as all of this played out daycare workers kept the kids inside. >> very strange case. people shoplifting, it happens all the time. people stealing 72 hounds pounds of chicken that's unusual. the children were all inside the daycare and at no time were they in any danger non charges filed in relation to that. >> reporter: now johnson does face charges of assault, theft and resisting arrest. now the victim also suffered a broken hand. he fell as he was being stabbed. now the chickens right now were returned to the grocery store. that's the very latest here in wilmington. lucy, back to you. >> police arrest the driver of a pickup truck whose accused of slamming into a man and then taking off in camden county. this is right before the accident on white horse pike in lindenwold saturday night. in you we're not going to show you the entire video because it is so graphic. police say 58 year old edward russell of clayton was arrested at his home today after they received an anonymous tip identifying him as the driver.
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he is now charged with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident. the victim is in stable condition tonight with head injuries. >> new developments to night in the freak accident that killed a three year old girl in philadelphia's brewery town section. the community is stunned and looking for answers. the biggest question, how could a 2,000-pound steal door just fall down. an investigation into the installation of the door has been ranged while family and friends of winter larkin grieve. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, l andism says it's the property owner who is responsible for maintenance and up keep of these role down security gates. but the folks here in brewery town in the wake of this accident say l and i should come out here and inspect all of the gates. >> it shouldn't have came down. it shouldn't have came down. >> reporter: juliet askew owns daycare center just a few doors away from the scene where a 2,000-pound security gate fell on top of a little girl saturday outside this rita's water ice on
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west girard avenue. she's anxious to know what went wrong. >> mack sure all of them are safe now. >> reporter: police and the department of licenses and inspections continue to investigate how the lag bolt that held the gate up came free and security gate came down killing list three year old winter larkin. >> it's clearly sad and the whole neighborhood is shaken up about it. >> i actually witnessed the little girl laying on the ground. when i came up and the whole neighborhood was in shock. >> reporter: this man own the business three doors away from rita's. he says his security role gate is we woulded to the building. >> everybody supposed to check them gates. because -- >> l and i some come out and check all of them. we don't know. >> reporter: eli edison lives here on west girard. he too wants to know if anyone will be held responsible. >> so maybe it was a freak accident or maybe it was evidence of 97. >> gregory boyd will never
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forget the valiant but unsuss says full efforts to save the little girl. someone has to be accountable. >> never forget it. i'll never forget it. little baby laying down here. >> it's so sad. it's really sad. >> reporter: as you can see the memorial here continues to grow. license. i says there were no complaints about that role down security gate before this accident. no word tonight on how long this investigation will take. winter larkin's funeral is now set for saturday. iain? >> dave, thank you. developing to night the fight for philadelphia schools. the battle over the 2,014-15 state budget is coming looming with today's deadline and funding for the troubled philadelphia school district is a key issue. tomorrow is the start of the new fiscal year. fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside the school district of philadelphia in spring garden with what's at stake tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well, school district officials have said they want a budget approved tonight. but, of course, they're still waiting to hear from harrisburg about what money they may get. that, of course, remains the
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sticking point. now right now, the school district of philadelphia is fa facing a 216 million-dollar hole in its budget. the school reform commission went against charter didn't not adopt a budget by may 31st. it would have been a disservice to children bypassing an under funded budget for the coming school year. a parent i talked to going into the meeting think afternoon says she supported that move then but says now it is time to know what they're dealing with once school opens. >> to make sure that the decision makers realize that parents should be a part of the decision making process, um, that they're our children they're speaking about, um, they're not dollars and cents to us. you know it's not a job to us. they're our future. and we love them, and we want best decision to be made for that. >> we are going to be approving a budget but once again we have no intentions of take classes to 40. we have no intentions of eliminating 1300 positions and it's really appropriate for us in my opinion to wait until
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things finalize in harrisburg before we finalize a complete budget. >> reporter: and the superintendent went didn't say there's still significant revenue on the table. $96 million to be exact. needed to maintain status quo he says. he says distract officials were in harrisburg yesterday. he still has sat there engaging in talks hoping for a resoluti resolution. lucy. >> shawnette, breaking news in northeast philadelphia. we have reports of a missing child. skyfox live over tacony break park. what we're hearing the child was last seen in frankford creek. we are now working to fond out how old the child is and how he or she ended up in that creek. they can be a hidden danger at the shore. >> they could suppose a danger greater threat during the holiday weekend. rip currents. still ahead what to look for before you even get in the water and what to do if you get caught in one. >> plus big changes for phillies fans. what you'll have to do every
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single time you go to citizens bank park next season. it's all in the name of safety. howard? >> the eagles they'll be missing one of their starters at the beginning of the season. it looks like a four game suspension. we'll keep one of those players out coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather things are heating up. we could be looking at a our first potential heat wave and also the tropics. things are getting interesting. we're monitoring showers and storms a round the bahamas. details on how could impact your fourth next. >> um canning up tonight at 10 this young man suffers from rare disorder some doctors describe as quote hell on earth but he pushes through incredible pain with a smile on his face. and now a local photographer is working to raise awareness and bring him some relief. we have the
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♪ >> philadelphia police want your help to identify the man seen in this surveillance video. they believe he's responsible for several burglaries inside
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washington square apartment building about a week ago at the 1352 lost on south street. police say the man enter the the building through the garage. they say once inside, he forced his way into several homes and took off with cash and jewelry. phillies fans head to go games will notice something quite different very soon. a pilot program to test metal detectors starts july 21st. so if you arrive through the right field gate, you'll have to pass through it. next season every fan at all major league baseball games will be screened through a detector. the new measure is in addition to all those bag checks. and the team expects to have metal detectors at all entrances by next year. >> a missing teenager swept out to sea by rip currents has many shore goers stunned. but what exactly are rip currents? and what should you do if you encounter one? each year rip currents account for 80% of the rescue lifeguards do. already this month along the jersey shore, and delaware beaches, lifeguards have seen their share of people caught up
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in the ocean's fury. while most of time waves gently wash into the shore, are rip current which is form quick until those waters. and they can move a swimmer up to few feet per second. what happens those gentle waves start circling inward pulling a swimmer out to sea. >> if you don't know what a rip tide is i have information. we had lot of rescues today. please do not gamble with the ocean. high surf is the most dangerous time. rip currents typically form along breaks in sand bars they can also happen near structures like jetties and peers. some of the currents are very narrow. others extend hundreds of yards. the best way to avoid one, look out for a channel of churning or choppy water and if you see a difference in water color, a line of foam or a break in the incoming wave pattern, watch out. if you get caught in a rip current, don't fight it. swim out of the current in the direction following the shore line and when you're out of the current swim back toward shore.
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of course it's that time of year those things are so dangerous. stay out water when that under tow is terrific like that. >> scott williams has been watching the forecast obviously fourth of july here. so what do we got to watch out for, scott? >> lucy and iain as we move over the next several days in particular the fourth of july upcoming weekend because of what's happening in the tropics, we'll have those large swells banking up against the coast and that will send the current back out to sea causing the potential for some rip currents. once again, don't panic. swim parallel to the shore. never swim alone and always obey any warnings and only swim when the lifeguards are present. stay safe just not worth it. as far as our weather, stepping outdoors today, it's warm, it's a little more humid that will be the trends were he move into the overnight and especially over the next several days. tuesday through thursday, we could have high temperatur tempt or about above 90 degrees spelling a possible heat wave. scattered showers and thunderstorms will be in the mix
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as well for the fourth of july watching the tropics we could be looking at tropical moisture as we move into friday. but the pop up showers and storms over the neck several days not directly associated with that tropical disturbance toward the bahamas. as we look at ultimate doppler it's dry, quiet not looking at any showers or thunderstorms. but take look at this mess. impacting sections of iowa moving into illinois. over 100 reports of wind damage as this system continues to move towards the chicago land area boeing out there indicative of very strong winds. we call this a durr ray cho as it continues to cause violent wind damage in its wake. as far as the tropics hurricane hunters they're headed back. they've been out investigating this cluster of showers and storms. not organized enough to classify it as a depression or a tropical storm yet. if it gets a name it will be arthur. the first named system of the season. which runs by the way through the end of november. as we take a look at what happens for us fairly quite conditions but we're watching
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clouds and also showers and storms develop off the florida coast. this will parallel florida over the next day or so then eventually parallel the carolina coastal sections but you can see scattered showers and storms in our forecast over the next several days. not associated with this tropical moisture just yet. as we move toward thursday, we're looking at scattered showers across our area. and then thursday night into friday we'll watch how close the system gets but cold front will likely kick it back out to sea. so the farther south and east you live, a way from philadelphia the better chances you have of seeing some of that tropical moisture by oh tonight you can see it continuing move up the coast as we move toward the middle of the week and then by friday, it's well to the south and east of us. but it will get kicked back out to sea as we move into the upcoming fourth of july weekend. fourth of july we could have a few fireworks from mother nature talk about that forecast coming up. 86 degrees the temperature right now. 88 was the high temperature for today. and temperatures still pretty
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warm stepping outdoors generally in the mid 80s. so as we look at that seven day forecast, you can see into degrees for tomorrow. 94 on wednesday. if we make it to 90 on thursday it will be heat wave. scattered showers and thunderstorms likely. especially wednesday and thursday and then friday watching the potential for some tropical moisture, but it's going to be out of here by saturday and sunday. so if you live down the shore friday, watch out for scattered showers and the threat for rip currents because of those large swells. >> good advice. thank you scott. >> a lot of act on the doppler. lot of action on soccer field. >> yeah, it's great -- it really is good stuff. world cup knock out round games are coming down to the final minutes. they're all really close. and the eagles will lose one of their starters because he reportedly broke a big rule much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> the only really good sports team in town these days well that really would come down to the eagles. i think everybody would agree. everything was great but that changed a little today. the five guys on the offensive line they played together in all 17 games for the team last
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season. that's going to change. now the eagles right offensive tackle lane johnson after his $16,000 restaurant bill will miss -- that happened week ago, will miss the eagles first four games according to reports out of new york. according to the report johnson will be suspended at the start of season for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. no official word from the league. so that means no official word from the eagles. >> all right. phillies have the night off tonight after a two and six home stand they begin a 10 game road trip tomorrow in miami. you can also look for the outfit phillies sign last week grady size more to come and play the outfield. i believe that's going to happen in the next few days with this outfield. now the phillies are a better team on the road this season. they're nine games under 500 at home. and only one game under 500 on the road. that is better but the phillies have lost 15 of the last 21 against division teams either way it's not good because the phillies have to play much better than 500 baseball. usa plays again tomorrow
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afternoon against belgium in the knock out round. the restaurant bars in this town will have lots of partying going on tomorrow. i'm sure of that. today another two great games. let's go to brazil. france and nigeria. france in the white the corner kick watch the goalkeeper he's in the yellow he comes out to try to deflect the corner kick, big mistake. that's the first goal of the game and the 79t 79th minute by france. and just mistake. that's all you can say and france won it two-nil right now germany is leading one to nothing -- excuse me, one-nil going at the final minutes. one-nil. >> exactly. >> it's a match, not a game. >> it's all good. >> that's exactly what it is. >> you are correct. >> a lot of weather headed our way. >> tropical stuff, possibly rip currents. yeah, possible rip currents and 90-degree heat over the next three days. >> we are for warned. thank you very much, scott. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at
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10:00. have a great night. 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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put your hand behind your back. >> cop versus the professor. >> put your hands behind your back! >> all this for jaywalking? >> it seems highly unusual to arrest someone for jaywalking. then, the nanny who won't leave. did she do it before? >> this is unacceptable. and nicki minaj drama. the awards speech everyone is buzzing about. plus, the dad being called a monster for leaving his son to die in a hot car. his message to mourners at that time funeral, straight from jail. >> and did the boy's mother also research hot car deaths


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